Lead Generation

Doing nothing is simply NOT going to be enough to sustain a business in this digital era, where all your competitors are doing everything they can to take the business away from you. Do you rely on walk-ins and referrals to bring in new business?

Are you sitting in your office and keeps wondering when does a new customer shows up? Or have you thought of doing it differently?

What we are doing is simply integrate our internet marketing knowledge with a local business. If you think you have a good service and are looking to scale your business, we need to talk.

How to create a Lead Generation Campaign?


Determine your target audience.

There’s no use in generating leads if they’re not going to turn into clients who are a fit for your agency. To make sure they are, you’ll need to start by doing some research to figure out who your targets are.


Determine campaign goals

Every successful marketing campaign starts with goals — specific ones. “To generate the most leads possible” isn’t a goal. Use past performances as a benchmark to come up with a specific number of visits, leads, conversion rate, etc. that you’ll want to hit in a particular timetable.


Determine what offer will attract your ideal client.

This first thing that catches the attention of viewer is the image and video asset. If they don’t find it interesting or intriguing, they don’t stop scrolling. You will need a super catchy image or video for this purpose.


Determine your headline.

The next thing after you caught their attention with image of video is your headline. How do you keep them interested with the shortest text possible? That’s why you need great copy writing for the headline.


Determine your Landing Page.

Not many people know the importance of a dedicated landing page for each marketing campaign. We need to create a conversion-focused landing page.


Determine your Thank You Page.

This is what anyone sees right after they submit their contact info to you. This is one of the most under-utilized page of all time


Get Instant Notifications

Leads are hottest the very moment they press submit. Make sure your team is able to get notified immediately. They can immediately initiate contact with your prospect.